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Greetings all,
I am a Graphic Designer, Comic Book Colourist, and 3D Artist. I am currently enrolled in Fanshawe College's "Interactive Media and Design" program and I will be graduating in April, 2017. I have 8+ years of design experience. I am a self taught graphic artist, comic book colourist and creator of STOOPID the card game. I have always had an obsession with art in general. As a child, I was always drawing, building or creating something. However, I was always told by adults “There is no money in art. You should have a normal job, like a mechanic (Cars are another love of mine), or learn a trade of some kind.” Although this was difficult to hear, my love of art never left me. I have always kept my creativity. I was always drawing and enjoying other art forms. It wasn't until later in life that I realized that if done properly, there was indeed money in art. This is when I started drawing again and started using computers to draw with. Then came graphic design, and then digital colouring. I took it upon myself to learn PhotoShop and other graphic software. It didn't take long to realize that I had a hidden talent to use computers to create art.

In 2010, a tragedy struck our family when our 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. My world stopped. I gave up my career in the IT Industry and walked my daughter through her cancer treatments. Sophia was a light in my world and she lost her fight in 2011. We miss her everyday.In a rage I gave up art and said I would never create anything again.

It was close to a year later when I chose to honour my daughter and return to art. I purchased another Wacom Cintiq and began the long road to recovery. In the 4 years since my return, I have owned and operated a T-shirt studio, had 3 comic books published, created, designed and printed my own collectible card game called STOOPID The Card Game. Most recently I've returned to college and I am soon to graduated from the “Interactive Media Design Program” through Fanshawe College.
My goal in the short term is to become a UI/UX artist and 3D modeler for a local game studio.

For the first time in years I feel a sense of hope, and I look forward to the possibilities of what the future may hold.
Dedicated to Sophia Armstrong (AKA Child of Light). Your light will always shine brightest in our hearts.